Discover the Potential of edeXa’s Hybrid Blockchain: Invest now, benefit later

Share Tweet Share Share Email edeXa is emerging as a key figure in the blockchain sector with one clear goal – to transform the operations of businesses, governments and authorities through its advanced hybrid blockchain technology. As the company approaches its upcoming token sale, it’s essential for investors to understand the significance of this event in the blockchain world. What is edeXa? edeXa is one of the first hybrid business blockchain in the market – a combination of permissioned and public blockchain technology. Thanks to a robust, secure and energy-efficient Business Blockchain, edeXa offers companies and public authorities an ecosystem that can build trust through secure and traceable processes. Every transaction on the blockchain is processed in real-time, meets the highest security standards, and creates transparency in business processes. Intending to make blockchain technology easy for companies and organizations, edeXa provides numerous services and interfaces (APIs) available to customers. edeXa’s vision is to provide a leading business blockchain for enterprises and government agencies that is quick and EASY TO USE. What is a Hybrid Blockchain Model? This special type of blockchain model enables the creation of a system that is both secure and transparent. To gain a deeper understanding of this particular model, it is beneficial to compare its different types. Let’s compare: Private Blockchain: In a private blockchain access is restricted and control lies with a selected individual. This type of blockchain is known for its high security and privacy levels. Typically it is used within an organization where only certain individuals have the right to view and verify the transactions. Public Blockchain: On the other hand, a public blockchain is open to everyone. It is completely decentralized, meaning anyone can participate, observe or contribute to the blockchain. This openness ensures transparency and immutability – because once the data is entered, it cannot be altered. This interesting characteristic guarantees a high level of reliability within the system. The hybrid blockchain model merges these two approaches. It allows businesses to set up a private, permissioned network where sensitive data can be securely managed while also utilizing aspects of the public blockchain for transparency and wider verification. This hybrid nature provides a flexible solution, enabling businesses to enjoy the benefits of both private and public blockchains as needed. The Upcoming Token Sale The edeXa token (EDX) pre-sale represents a significant milestone for the edeXa blockchain, marking its foray into the world of digital currencies. This pre-sale will be conducted on the edeXa platform itself, taking the form of an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). What makes this offering stand out?The multichain choice: Polygon, Binance smart chain and Etherium. Total Token Offering: edeXa is offering 100 million EDX tokens for purchase. This offering is strategically divided into three distinct phases, each with a specific pricing strategy intended to incentivize and reward early participation. Phase One: This initial phase offers the EDX token at a competitive starting price of $0.04. It’s designed to attract early adopters, providing them with the opportunity to invest at the lowest available price. Phase Two: In the second phase, the token price sees a slight increase to $0.045. This increment aims to maintain investor interest and attract new buyers, balancing the growing demand with a moderately higher investment cost. Phase Three: The final phase of the sale sets the token price at $0.05. This phase concludes the offering, giving the last chance to invest before the token potentially moves to broader market trading. Benefits for Token Owners Holding EDX tokens brings advantages: Utility within the Ecosystem: The EDX token enables access to a range of services and products within the edeXa ecosystem. Users will be able to use the token to pay for customer transaction fees and benefits, which will be used on the edeXa Universe Business blockchain. This utility ensures consistent demand for the token. Interoperability: EDX token can be used across multiple platforms and networks, including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum, offering flexibility to investors. Investment Potential: The innovative technology and robust business model underpinning edeXa provide a solid foundation for potential growth in the token’s value. Why Businesses Prefer edeXa Business Blockchain Over Traditional Blockchain Solutions edeXa stands out in the blockchain space for its unique focus on enhancing business processes and specific hybrid blockchain model, offering a compelling alternative to traditional web2 solutions. Here’s why businesses are turning to edeXa: Targeted Business Solutions: edeXa’s blockchain is specifically designed for business, government and authority use, ensuring relevance and efficiency in these sectors. Hybrid Blockchain Model: Combining the security of private blockchains with the transparency of public ones, edeXa offers a balanced approach that ensures fast, secured, and decentralized operations. Secure and Trustworthy: With a focus on secured, traceable processes, edeXa builds trust in business operations, emphasizing data sovereignty, privacy, and ownership. Innovation and Direct Communication: edeXa eliminates central intermediaries, fostering direct communication and streamlined processes, and is constantly developing innovative solutions tailored to modern business needs. Real-Time Functionality: The platform’s current Testnet  platform allows businesses to proceed with real transactions, demonstrating the practical application of edeXa’s blockchain in business processes. edeXa’s Market Impact and Growth edeXa’s entrance into the blockchain world has been noticed by significant progress, especially evident in its testnet phase.By bridging the gap between innovation and practicality, edeXa Universe empowers businesses to harness the benefits of blockchain technology without the complications. The platform is preparing for a major leap with its imminent Mainnet launch, which will include around 15,000 companies in the area of purchase-to-pay. This move demonstrates edeXa’s ability to handle large-scale operations and has attracted significant market interest. Furthermore, the active transactions on the Testnet not only demonstrate the platform’s operational strength but also validate its practical applicability in real-world business settings. edeXa’s early adoption and strategic partnerships have positioned it as a promising contributor in the blockchain industry, as evidenced by the traction it has gained this far. Why Invest in edeXa? Investing in edeXa presents a promising opportunity in the blockchain realm, particularly for those who are keen on innovative business solutions. edeXa’s unique hybrid blockchain model melds security with transparency, offering a versatile platform poised for widespread adoption.  In addition, the anticipation surrounding the launch of Mainnet, coupled with significant business interest, points to significant growth potential. As edeXa continues to forge strategic partnerships and grow, it reinforces its commitment to remain at the forefront of blockchain innovation.  By using edeXa’s blockchain, companies can streamline administrative processes, prevent potential errors and reduce processing costs. Most importantly, by implementing a business blockchain, owners can increase the value of their business many times over. edeXa is already being used in e-logistics, e-health and fintech. You can read more of their case studies on their website or blog. Over the next few years, companies will be using edeXa and implementing it into their technology processes. The prospects for edeXa’s continued growth are huge: awareness will only increase, as will the price of the token. Investing in an EDX token will give you a great return in a few months, as edeXa is already starting to be implemented in major projects around the world.  Final Thoughts  At the end of the day, edeXa offers a unique approach to blockchain technology with a strong emphasis on its practical applications in the business world. With an upcoming token sale and enticing benefits for token holders, edeXa is making its mark in the blockchain space. So, if you’re seeking innovation and potential growth in your investment portfolio, edeXa is definitely a blockchain worth exploring.

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