Four Effective Ways to Secure Your Company’s Database

Secure Your Databases

Databases are the most critical parts of a company’s IT infrastructure.

They also pose unique security challenges. Despite the presence of advanced infrastructure security tactics, many companies neglect basic security processes, rendering those advanced tools ineffective. A secure database is necessary to protect against malicious attacks. Here are four ways companies can secure their databases.

Invest in physical security

Most cybersecurity processes exist online and many companies make the mistake of focusing exclusively on them. Physical database security is just as important as online processes. After all, every database has backing from a data center, filled with physical servers. Physical security tactics like secure locks, camera feeds, and security personnel are critical in this context.

Conduct regular sweeps of the data center

Companies must validate every person accessing the data center, whether employees or third parties. Conducting regular sweeps of the data center is another time-tested physical security tactic.

Separate databases

Storing sensitive and non-sensitive data on the same database is asking for trouble. Companies must segregate these data sets on different servers.

Use a secure proxy server

Proxy servers evaluate traffic before sending it to the main server. In essence, proxies are gatekeepers that allow only authorized traffic to flow through.

Monitor databases in real-time

Companies must constantly scan their databases for breach attempts in real-time. Real-time monitoring dramatically reduces the odds of an attack spreading laterally.

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