Getting to Know Edward Zaval: A Conversation with DailyPay’s Chief Customer Officer

About Edward Zaval

Edward Zaval is the Chief Customer Officer at DailyPay. He has had a successful career in Customer Success, starting as a technical support engineer and later serving in leadership positions for global services at companies like SevOne, Coriant, and Alcatel. With the emergence of subscription-based products, Zaval’s role evolved into Customer Success, where he focuses on helping clients drive application adoption and value realization. Zaval joined DailyPay because of its mission to provide employees access to their earned wages, while also offering a valuable service to employers.

What Surprised Him at DailyPay

Zaval has been pleasantly surprised by the customer centricity at DailyPay. The product and engineering teams understand the importance of a great platform and app UX in delivering excellent customer support. Zaval also tested the support response and speed firsthand and was impressed with the team’s hold times and service skills.

Takeaways from Clients and Partners

Zaval has reached out to DailyPay’s clients and partners to hear their feedback and thoughts on the customer experience. He has received positive responses, indicating that the client partners are engaged and see the value of DailyPay in the current labor market.

Looking Forward to the Next Year

Zaval is excited to meet DailyPay’s clients at industry events and Executive Business Reviews. These interactions provide valuable feedback and ideas for improving the support and services offered by DailyPay. He is also proud to wear DailyPay swag outside of work and receive recognition for the brand.

Favorite Pastime Activities

Outside of work, Zaval enjoys spending time with his adult children and trying to have dinner with them. He also enjoys activities like spending time by the beach and practicing hot yoga.

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