Meet Cobra Safety: Dedicated BIPOC-Owned Team of Workplace Safety Experts

The term “occupational health and safety” is commonly associated with posted signs and guidelines in break rooms for lifting heavy objects. However, it represents the fundamental right of every employee, regardless of their position, to have a safe workplace. Behind the extensive regulations in this field are dedicated professionals who prioritize the well-being of employees and their families. To gain insight into the driving force behind these professionals, we spoke with Cobra Safety, a BIPOC-owned company that collaborates with progressive organizations worldwide to promote transformative change in health, safety, and sustainability. Nisa Karan-Aravinth, the founder of Cobra Safety, emphasizes the importance of using our skills and talents to improve the lives of others. Her background as a Registered Nurse allowed her to provide care to patients in need, and now she focuses on creating a safe work environment in the face of intensified global warming. Cobra Safety not only trains businesses in workplace safety and regulatory compliance but also implements sustainability programs, recognizing the connection between a safe workplace and a healthy world. Sustainability and net zero initiatives are central pillars of Cobra Safety, with a portion of proceeds being donated to carbon removal projects. The company integrates support for environmental organizations into its business model. This commitment to sustainability and safety is made possible by the inclusive and dedicated team at Cobra Safety, who strive to keep people around the globe safe. Domonique Quirion-Currie, Head of External Engagements and Strategic Partnerships, has a personal connection to this mission, having witnessed her grandparents return safely home from high-risk factory jobs thanks to proper workplace safety and training. Subanya Karan, Vice President of Project Management, similarly values safety due to her parents’ experience as refugees and immigrants who took on higher risk jobs. She acknowledges the importance of bridging the gap and ensuring that all employees can return to their families safely. Together, the Cobra Safety team advances the practice of safety and sustainability while forming stronger relationships with diverse individuals whose futures depend on the health of the planet. Regardless of occupation, age, gender, or ethnicity, Nisa emphasizes that safety is the foundation of a strong society. Cobra Safety, founded by Nisa Karan-Aravinth, is an organization that specializes in occupational health, safety, and sustainability. They offer training, consulting, advisory, and professional services to other organizations, helping them become compliant with workplace health and safety laws. Their comprehensive approach includes the development and maintenance of robust occupational health and safety programs, encompassing training, policies, surveillance programs, incident response, auditing, and more. For more information about Cobra Safety, please visit their website: [link to the website].

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