rewrite this title The Amazon of Real Estate! “Homebourse” launches with first-ever click & buy marketplace!

A new online real estate marketplace has launched to allow buyers to ‘buy real estate everywhere from anywhere.’ Homebourse lets buyers experience the entire buying process online, from browsing listings to closing deals and brings a true online store experience to buying real estate online through a simple, streamlined process. Homebourse lets buyers experience the entire buying process online, from browsing listings to closing deals.

“Our goal is to create the culture of online real estate trading through an end-to-end platform that transforms real estate into products, enabling anyone to buy and sell completely online,” said Istvan Fehervari, CEO and Founder of Homebourse. “In a hyper-connected and increasingly remote world that continues to get smaller, we are bringing the real estate buying experience to anyone from anywhere. As for our objectives, it’s no secret that we aim to be the leading global platform for online property transactions and the next PropTech unicorn.”

You can buy anything online – why not a home! With Homebourse, buyers can browse properties, view high-quality photos and videos, and request live video tours and inspections, so it’s like they were there. They can then make an offer or make an instant purchase. Buyers pay a 1% refundable deposit and have an eight-day cancellation period to change their mind or visit the property. After the eight-day cancellation period, actions become legally binding. The transactions are completed online and usually 100% paperless, supported by Homebourse’s admin staff and local law firms.

The platform has launched in Florida, with plans to expand to other major markets in the coming months, including New York City, Los Angeles, Marbella, Dubai, and Cote d’Azur. The Miami-founded PropTech company is a first of its kind, bringing the convenience of online shopping to the world of property acquisition.

Without the need to travel across the globe, Homebourse enables buyers to experience the entire buying process, from browsing listings to closing deals and property management, all within a comprehensive 360-degree service. Homebourse streamlines the buying experience with the ability to make instant purchases and eliminates the need for bidding wars, negotiations, and unreliable information. With the ability to click and buy, Homebourse introduces the future of real estate.

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