Season 2 of TinyTap Publishers NFT by Animoca Brands sells out, providing revenue for educators

Animoca Brands

announced today that Publisher NFTs Season 2 has sold out.

Open Campus

is an industry-leading Web 3 education protocol that facilitates the production of 720 Publisher NFTs. At the time of sale, the purchase of all of this NFT collection generated 538,560 EDU tokens (equivalent to approximately US$333,907 at the time of sale).


is the world’s largest educational games library, offering over 250,000 activities made for publishers and educators. In their band of IP, they offer brands like Baby Shark by Pinkfong, Sesame Street, and other notable characters and creations. Working with Open Campus, TinyTap released Publisher NFTs to empower and incentivize educational content creators around the globe.

The sale of these NFTs has generated both upfront and ongoing revenue for the 168 educators on the TinyTap platform, who originally co-authored the Publisher NFTs. The addition of these NFTs to the TinyTap portfolio allows the company to further revolutionize the digital education section, providing revenue sharing to educators when learners use their content.

The introduction of Publisher NFTs allows educational content creators to access a highly potential form of earning potential and creative autonomy. Creators of educational content will receive 50% of the net proceeds from the NFT sale price, alongside an ongoing 10% revenue share. This share is the byproduct of co-publishing efforts by the NFT holder. Equally, the creator can receive 5% of any secondary sale of their NFTs, creating numerous earning opportunities.

Any NFT holder that buys a Publisher NFT will become a co-publisher of the content. This role allows them to receive a share of up to 80% of the revenue generated by the NFT when individuals interact with them on the market. By offering these impressive revenue percentages, TinyTap hopes to inspire educational content creators to craft high-quality learning experiences continuously.

The CEO of TinyTap, Yogev Shelly, stated that this opportunity isn’t “Just about providing better earning opportunities for educators; it’s about building a future in which communities play a pivotal role in shaping curricula and empowering teachers and content creators to pave a path toward true educational autonomy.”

Commenting on the role of blockchain ecosystems in delivering these Web 3 educational opportunities, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, stated,

“The Season 2 Publisher NFTs sale by Open Campus and TinyTap marks a pivotal moment in the march of educational content toward becoming a new asset class”.

Siu continues, outlining how these new digital revenue-sharing structures could “Underscore the immense potential of digital property rights to unlock new earning opportunities for educators in the digital age.”

The Publisher NFT Season 2 collection represents an exciting and fresh way for educators to take agency over their earning opportunities while providing an innovative learning experience to students and teachers worldwide.

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