The Formation of a Sustainable Ecosystem of Change: ESG in FinTech

Fintech as an industry is undergoing seismic changes. ESGintegration is no longer just about corporate responsibility; it’s a strategic imperative for many in the Fintech industry. Historically, finance and sustainability ran on parallel tracks. In1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development released the Brundtland Report. This seminal publication introduced the concept of sustainable development and connected social equity economic growth with environmental challenges.

The report was a pivotal moment that ushered in the beginning of an integrative approach to economic development that prioritizes fairness, social justice, and sustainability. It acknowledged the limitations of GDP as the sole indicator of progress, paving the way for the ESG model. Today, ESG, especially in Fintech,is grounded in innovationand metrics to evaluate results. These criteria are essential for monitoring and reducing risks that could hinder sustainable corporate growth. They alsorepresenta significant leap forward in evaluating economic success within the ESG framework.

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