What is Your Must-Have Gadget?

What Is the One Gadget You Can’t Do Without?

In search of the one indispensable gadget, we asked thirteen professionals, including CEOs and founders, to share their must-have devices. From the convenience of a smartphone to the productivity-boosting iPad Pro, discover the gadgets these leaders can’t do without.

Smartphone: Music and Media On the Go

I’m a huge music fan, so I have to say my smartphone is the one gadget I can’t do without. I love the freedom it gives me to bring my favorite songs and playlists anywhere, and I love how easy it is to listen to podcasts or watch videos on YouTube when I’m in a rush. My experience with my smartphone has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve never had problems with it, and as someone who’s always on the go, having something that’s always with me is invaluable.

Zoltan Fagyal, CEO, Not Just Laptops

Pomodoro Timer: A Productivity Game-Changer

I have extreme ADHD and fight it daily. Ever since I discovered the Pomodoro technique, my productivity has increased, but using an actual Pomodoro Timer has been life-changing! It has a built-in Pomodoro mode and will count down for 25 minutes, beep, and then start a 5-minute break countdown. It will repeat this cycle four times in a row. Combine this with my focused and prioritized daily to-do list, and it’s baffling how much I get done!

Robert MacKelfresh, Founder, AppSearch.ai

AirPods: Multitasking Made Easy

I can’t imagine my daily routine without AirPods. They have become indispensable for me because they enable efficient multitasking. Whether I’m engrossed in our design library, their wireless design allows me to keep my hands free, making it effortless to stay connected. I can seamlessly switch between taking phone calls, tuning into educational classes, or simply enjoying my favorite music, enhancing productivity and convenience. What makes them even more incredible is their AI functionality, which can instantly identify and translate who’s calling, adding an extra layer of usefulness to these amazing devices. In short, my AirPods have become an integral part of my daily life, offering both functionality and entertainment that I can’t do without.

Cristiana Crin, Director of Design and Founder, Perpetuum Designs

Kindle eReader: A Gateway to Knowledge

My Kindle eReader is the one gadget I can’t do without. I believe that learning and reading are the true keys to rising above any difficulty you have in life, especially when you don’t come from a privileged background. As soon as I could manage, I bought a Kindle eReader and used it to read as many books as I could. You can also access the internet in a limited way and download books from Gutenberg. I credit reading with enabling me to boost my language skills and learn about business, personal development, and other important topics. These are things I would not have access to in normal life. Reading has allowed me to move up. My Kindle Oasis eReader is now one of the most important things I own.

Debashri Dutta, Founder, Dmdutta.com

Portable Charger: Power Anywhere, Anytime

It would be hard to live without my portable charger. I’m not always near an outlet, and I hate worrying about my phone or tablet losing battery power. Also, they’re so much easier to carry around than a cord. You can just pop it in your pocket or bag, and off you go. They’re great for traveling or just for day-to-day use.

Andrew Meyer, CEO, Arbor

Heart Rate Monitor: A Fitness Essential

A heart rate monitor is a tool I’ve found incredibly useful as I’ve delved deeper into cardiovascular endurance activities for heart health. I use the Polar H10 chest strap at the gym, which displays my heart rate zones on an app while I exercise, allowing me to be more efficient with my goals. The chest strap’s sole function is to provide real-time heart rate performance during exercise, which it does exceptionally well. After my workout, I remove it and am no more connected to the world than I would be with other, more digital wearables, such as the Apple Watch or other fitness watches.

Kristine Thorndyke, Founder, Test Prep Nerds

Digital Audio Recorder: A Journalist’s Best Friend

Within the fast-paced landscape of modern journalism, the quintessential gadget that seamlessly integrates into my workflow is the Digital Audio Recorder (DAR). This instrument empowers me to capture high-fidelity interviews, yielding impeccable sound quality and preserving the authenticity of the spoken word. Such precision is paramount for veracious reporting, ensuring that nuances and inflections are accurately conveyed to our audience. The DAR transcends being a mere tool, emerging as a conduit through which journalistic integrity resonates.

Vikas Kaushik, CEO, TechAhead

Anker PowerCube: A Traveler’s Charging Solution

The Anker PowerCube Power Strip is a gadget that is absolutely indispensable when traveling. After being on the road for over a year and staying in countless hotels and Airbnbs, this little gem has proven its worth. It’s incredibly frustrating to arrive at a room and find a single outlet for your phone, laptop, and Apple Watch. The PowerCube, with its three outlets, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port, is a lifesaver. It streamlines the charging process for all gear. For frequent travelers, it’s highly recommended—it’s a game-changer to include in any suitcase or car kit!

Andy Feliciotti, Travel Photographer, ihitthebutton

Laptop: The Digital Life Necessity

I can’t live without my laptop. My work and personal life revolve heavily around a digital world, so I cannot live without my laptop. I use my laptop to communicate with people, disseminate information, gather information, and even for my hobbies. I love watching K-dramas and I use my laptop to watch these K-dramas. For work, I use it to research, discuss with different stakeholders, and so much more. That being said, I cannot live without my laptop. I actually cannot remember a day when I did not open it because it has become an integral part of my life.

Grace Magalit, Head of Research and PhD Molecular Biology Candidate, Culture.org

Jomfeen Travel Adapter: A Globe-Trotter’s Companion

The one gadget that is always with me as an avid globe-trotter is my Jomfeen travel adapter. It’s incredibly cheap and works in over 150 countries—there hasn’t been a situation where I couldn’t charge my devices with it. It has worked with any plug encountered in hotels and hostels and has five input plugs and two USB ports. The lightweight and compact nature of it is especially appealing—it easily fits into a backpack. This information should be helpful.

Anna Krizova, Travel Enthusiast and Therapist, Camino Adventures

Coffee Maker: The Perfect Cup Every Time

The one gadget I can’t do without is a good coffee maker. I have tried many coffee makers over the years and always come back to the same one. It’s a simple machine, but it makes a great cup of coffee. I love this coffee maker because it makes sure that every cup of coffee is exactly how you like it—and it’s super easy to clean. It also has a timer, so I can set it to brew just before bedtime, so my cup of joe will be ready when I wake up!

Zee Azimi, Head of Marketing, YeastInfection.org

Action Camera: Capturing Outdoor Adventures

For an outdoor enthusiast like me, the one gadget I can’t do without is my action camera. It’s my trusty sidekick, capturing every heart-pounding hike and breathtaking sunset. This compact gadget ensures I can relive those exhilarating experiences, share them with friends, and inspire others to embrace the great outdoors. Rain or shine, it’s always there to seize those unforgettable memories, making every adventure even more unforgettable.

Marc Bjerring, Co-Founder, Spivo

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