What Motivates the High Demand for Replica Watches?

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Many people wonder why replica watches are so popular and how their quality can be comparable to the original ones. The majority of fake watches in the world are produced in China, with Guangdong province, especially Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jieyang, being the main manufacturing areas. After 1979, Guangdong became an experimental ground for reform and opening up due to its special geographical location and socioeconomic conditions. This led to the implementation of special policies and flexible measures for opening up to the outside world. In 1992, a new wave of reform and opening up began, leading to rapid development in infrastructure, economic growth, and industrialization.

Guangdong boasts world-class light industrial parks and exceptional metal processing capabilities, with Shenzhen emerging as a hub for watch production, processing, and sales. Shenzhen’s clock and watch industry holds a dominating position in China, accounting for 60% of the country’s production and 45% of the global market. Shenzhen’s brand watches make up over 70% of the Chinese market. Recognizing this, the China National Light Industry Federation and the China Watch and Clock Association officially designated Shenzhen as the “China Watch and Clock Capital.”

Within the watch industry chain centered around Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and other areas, replica watches are also produced alongside genuine brand watches. Replica watches come in various grades, including low, general, high, and ultra-high imitation, depending on their level of detail.

Contrary to popular belief, replica watches are not manufactured in secret underground workshops, but in formal watch manufacturers. Home workshops are involved at most in simple assembly processes. The supply of high-quality replica watches on the market cannot be sustained by home workshops, nor can they achieve the level of sophistication found in replica watches today.

Online rumors about secret underground factories dedicated to producing replica watches are merely meant to add mystique to their sales. In reality, the production of replica watches requires the collaboration of several regular manufacturers, with an initiator playing a crucial role. The initiators first predict market trends and select the watches they want to counterfeit. They then purchase genuine watches, disassemble them, and send different parts to various manufacturers, such as movement, case, chain, literal, and packaging manufacturers. These manufacturers open molds and assemble the replica watches. The manufacturers engaged in producing replica watch components are registered and legal entities under the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, some even being subsidiaries of listed companies. These manufacturers produce parts not only for high imitation watches but also for other brand watches. They maintain higher manufacturing levels and processing environments than some big brands.

The parts produced by regular manufacturers do not bear any brand logos, as they simply need to replicate the provided parts without logos. This manufacturing process is legal and falls within the ordinary scope of replica watch production. The true violators of the law are the initiators who coordinate the entire replica watch manufacturing chain. The logo on a brand watch appears on the case, dial, clasp, and sometimes even the movement. Initiators engage regular watch component manufacturers to provide blank parts lacking logos, and small workshops add logos. These technical requirements are not difficult to fulfill, and plate printing and metal lettering services are readily available in Guangzhou.

It was extremely challenging for me to gain access to the core factories in the high imitation watch industry during my undercover investigation. Only trusted partners are allowed entry due to the illegal nature of replica watches. Multiple promoters may produce the same high imitation watch, and even a single promoter might offer different versions of the same replica watch, each at a different price.

When buying replica watches, it is essential to exercise caution. Many websites sell replica watches, but only a few offer high-quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices. There is a high risk of encountering fake sellers and scams, so it is advisable to thoroughly check the details before making a purchase. Alternatively, you can choose to buy from reputable replica watch websites like www.Tickunique.is. Although their replica watches are of excellent quality, they are still replicas and differ from genuine watches. To sum it up, remember the age-old adage: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” If you want to buy a watch, seek out a reliable merchant, regardless of whether it is a genuine or replica watch.

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