Winners Revealed at Bitget’s Blockchain4Youth U30 Hackathon: Fostering Talented Young Innovators in AI and Blockchain

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives and copy trading platform, proudly announces the winning teams of its Under 30 Virtual Hackathon, a dynamic initiative within the Blockchain4Youth CSR program. The competition, which unfolded from August 12 to September 24, saw outstanding innovation in the realms of AI and blockchain.

This hackathon was presented as part of Bitget’s Blockchain4Youth charity program, which equips younger generations with the certifications, skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary for the rapidly evolving world of crypto, blockchain, and Web3. The overall goal of the program is to foster the next generation of blockchain thought leaders as the tech becomes increasingly adopted and visible in day-to-day life.

With a robust collaboration between Bitget and industry leaders, including Bitget Wallet, Foresight Ventures and HackerEarth, the U30 Hackathon offered a total prize pool of $40,000, attracting over 1,000 teams of young talented professionals who showcased remarkable creativity and technological acumen. The judging panel for this event consisted of Bitget’s internal blockchain experts, ensuring that the winning submissions demonstrated not only innovative thinking, but also had the mindset and drive required to apply real-world digital solutions.

The competition involved three themes.

  1. Trustless Infrastructure for AI: Contestants demonstrated their coding skills by creating a trustless infrastructure for AI, focusing on secure and private AI applications using zero-knowledge proofs (zkp) and zk-SNARKs. Their solutions were designed to support developers with zero-knowledge proofs and zero-knowledge-proof-empowered AI DApps and zkml (zero-knowledge machine learning), enabling secure and private machine learning applications using blockchain technology.
  2. AIGC and Web3 Gaming:

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